Navy Blue Pill Box

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Minimalist and modern, our pill boxes feature a clean design that includes a soft-touch matte finish outside and a mirror on the inside. Each box includes seven interior daily compartments with flexible, removable lids for easy cleaning, in addition to a tight-fit top cover to make sure your pills are secure.

Excited? So are we.

Meet the first sleek and sustainable weekly pill box designed to look as good at brunch as it does on your nightstand.

form, meet function

With flexible, removable daily tabs, a discreet exterior in a range of fresh colors, and an interior mirror, we've completely redefined what a weekly pill box can look like.

A hand removes Port and Polish's cute white pill box's flexible interior tabs showing fish oil supplements inside
Mint Port and Polish pill box on a blue background surrounded by flowers
Sleek and sustainable

Port and Polish is the world's only certified plastic neutral pill box, which means that for every product we create, we fund the removal of an equal amount of plastic from the world's oceans. We're also BPA-free and shipped in 100% recyclable materials.

Let's talk size.

Our interior compartments will fit 14 medium oval tablets, 30 small circular pills, 6 medium gel caps, 13 large circular pills, 4 big fish oil supplements, 4 bear-shaped gummies (no shame in our bear-shaped gummy game), or 4 large gel caps. That's a lot of pills.

The interior tabs of a Port and Polish pill box open showing how many pills, vitamins, supplements, and gummies fit in each compartment

time to love your pill box

I got my first Port and Polish pillbox in 2017 and it was love at first sight and touch. It’s super chic and beautifully made. And is the perfect size for not only travel, but also everyday life.

Rachel R.

I’ve had this pill box for like a year and a half and I could never go back to my old drugstore one. It’s cute and discreet so I can literally bring it out during a dinner with friends and no one thinks anything of it. It holds all the pills I take, and the mirror is really handy. It’s really just perfect.


I love it! I didn’t think I could be so excited about a pill box but dang, this one is just so cute. Super happy I bought it!

Valerie Moore

common questions

You can! Check them out our retail pageto see where.

Good question! Each pill box is around the size of an iPhone, at around 5.5" wide x 2.5" long x .75" deep, with seven interior compartments measuring around .75" wide x 2.25" long x .5" deep.

We've tested our pillboxes on everything from fish oil supplements to prenatal vitamins, and you can fit as many or more pills in our pillboxes than you can in a traditional drugstore pillbox.

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Customer Reviews

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Shannon Stone
Super simple, but nice

I thought my husband might resent his huge array of pills less if I got a not-ugly pill box and pre-sorted them for him. So far it seems to be working! He was actually quite intrigued by the design.

David Avila

Charcoal Gray Pill Box

Melody K
Life changing / finally taking my meds

Sorry in advance for the novel of a review but maybe someone will identify with this, especially if you also struggle with a combination of OCD & ADHD. Up until one month ago, I was coming up on 8 years of not finding a solution to a problem that affects my mental health and, directly, the quality of my life: taking my meds consistently. Every pillbox or organizer or alarm or app etc. that I tried was too small, too big, too ugly, to loose, too inconvenient, etc. I kid you not: “new pillbox” has been an item that I have added and removed from my to-do list multiple times for literal years. Funny enough, I remember when I first saw this specific pillbox on the web just because of how cute I thought it was — at the time, I assumed it would be too small. Well, I recently bit the bullet because I was (once again) on the hunt for something that would work and, luckily, all of my meds fit!!! This case is just absolutely perfect. It’s so perfect that I started putting stickers on it, stickers that I’ve kept since childhood because I wanted to put them on something important that I love. The size, the color, the feel, the mirror, the labels, the functionality — all of it, chef’s kiss. I have been so excited to look at this beautiful box on my nightstand every morning, to open it and look at my stickers and then to take all of my meds at once in one easy swoop. It’s absolutely crazy how the most ridiculous thing can change your life this much, but that’s reality — especially when living with mental illnesses! Thank you so much Port and Polish ❤️

Perfect Size & Style

I have used Port & Polish for many years and have just about every color. They work wonderfully to transport multiple medications in your purse/bag, etc. without taking up too much space and without looking like a geriatric pill container. As a younger chronic illness patient, the appearance of my medical devices is very important to be as least geriatric looking as possible. This definitely accomplishes that. Not to mention, the mirror is a wonderful added feature. Highly recommend this product!


Thought this cute pill box locked. It does not.
Trying to return but have not heard from company as yet.