Taking your pills

Shouldn't be a chore.

Our goal here at Port and Polish is to reframe the way we think about taking pills, transforming daily wellness from tedious to self-care.

When was the last time you heard someone say
"I love my pill box"?

You know those giant, clear plastic monstrosities you think of when someone says "pill box"? This isn't it.

Whether it's vitamins, supplements, or prescription medication, you deserve a pill box you can feel good about taking from home, to work, to brunch with friends.

about port and polish
Our story

I founded Port and Polish after a weekend spent traveling with more pills than I could count and no way to carry them besides a cheap plastic box that made me feel like I was about a thousand years old.

I was looking for something I could happily leave on my desk at work or take out at dinner, and when nothing like that existed, I decided to make it myself.

I spent months developing prototype after prototype and focus-grouping them with the real people in my life who took pills every day (which was literally everyone).

The result was a pill box that I use every day and really, truly love - and when have you ever heard someone say that?

Megan Wan, Founder

A hand holds a Port and Polish pill box
Birds-eye view of Port and Polish pill box cartons ready to be shipped
Port and Polish's second employee, a cute French bulldog named Bort
Let's chat

Question? Have a great idea you want to share? Want to know more about our first employee and all-around Good Boy, Bort?

Drop me a line at megan@portandpolishco.com

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