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Lost and Wander Reusable Face Masks

2020’s most important accessory has gotten quite a few upgrades so far this year: whether it’s for matching your favorite outfit, working out or even sleeping, masks have come a long way from the disposable medical masks. Port and Polish is rounding up some of our favorite mask styles and accessories from our favorite companies and Etsy sellers!

Athleta Everyday Non Medical Masks

For Working Out 

If your local gym or pilates class is open, you have most likely worn your mask to exercise in only to have it slide down after a down dog, drenched in sweat or have you gasping for a full breath. After suffering all of the above, we gave these Athleta masks a try for our 45 minute HIIT workout classes and they are a winner! With over 2,500 5 star reviews, this pack of five masks comes with adjustable straps so it stays in place and is made of three layers of cotton and a polyester spandex blend, making them lightweight and breathable, even during cardio-heavy sessions. 

For Maskne Days

Maskne, or acne caused from wearing a mask for an extended period of time, is a struggle many of us didn’t see coming. Friction from mask-wearing can dry skin out and allow sweat and debris to sit on the skin without much ventilation, causing dry patches, acne, irritation and peeling along the cheekbones, jawline and chin. If you are a silk-pillowcase believer, the same concept applies to a mask that is touching your face for hours a day. These silk and silver-threaded antimicrobial masks are your skin’s solution to reactions to masks. Be sure to wash your mask between wears with a sensitive laundry detergent to remove bacteria and avoid irritation.

Pro-tip: If your skin still doesn’t adjust to wearing a mask, put on a hydrocolloid patch to protect your skin from rubbing!


Gold Mask Chain

Beaded Mask Chain


For Your Socially-Distant Night Out

Matching your mask to your outfit is a must, but accessorizing your mask? Face mask chains have been spotted all over Instagram and Pinterest and the trend is just beginning. Beaded, pearl, gold, silver and even tortoiseshell chains can be purchased everywhere from Amazon to Etsy to elevate your mask style and ensure you’ll never lose your mask (or drop it on the street) again. Plus, when masks are no longer required, keep your chain for your favorite sunnies or glasses! 

For Extra Coordinated Days 

Whether it’s a mommy and me moment or you just want to coordinate your hair tie and mask, Etsy sellers have been creating coordinating sets of masks for every need. Scrunchie and mask sets come in every color and pattern you could need or matching mommy and me mask sets in beautiful colors, florals and of course, Frozen II prints. 

For Loungewear Days 

Everyday is loungewear day, but if a comfy mask to throw on for errands is what you need, try a stretchy cotton mask. From basics to tie dye, these ultra-soft masks are the perfect compliment to your sweatpants and t-shirt. 

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