Five Feel-Good Podcasts to Dive into This Summer

Five Feel-Good Podcasts to Dive into This Summer

This year has been nothing short of stressful  —  taking a moment to listen to something that will motivate and inspire you can completely shift your mindset for the day! Without the typical morning commute, you may have fallen out of the habit of listening to something to set the tone for the day: whether you’re going for a walk or making your morning coffee, these feel-good podcasts will give you a dose of inspiration!

hey, girl. by Alex Elle 

Alex sits down with incredible women weekly to hold meaningful conversations on self-care, relationships, motherhood, race and mindfulness. We are already so inspired by her Instagram, filled with handwritten inspirational reminders, and her podcast is a more intimate space for her to share women’s stories. 


Soul Sugar by Carrie Rad 

Youtuber Carrie Rad chats with friends, entrepreneurs and her travel-vlogger fiancé about mental health, meditation, cultivating confidence, sexual health and navigating life in Soul Sugar. Carrie offers sister-like advice to her “community of blooming soul seekers”. 


Balanced Black Girl by Les Alfred 

Balanced Black Girl was founded by personal trainer and nutrition coach Les Alfred and serves as a space for her to chat with Black women doctors and wellness experts about healthy relationships, holistic living, sexual health and self-care. Balanced Black Girl is a  meaningful collection of interviews and conversations and Les Alfred inspires listeners to live intentionally and take care of themselves in every aspect of health. 

Morgan Harper Nichols

You know her from her beautiful watercolor quotes on Pinterest and Instagram, but Morgan Harper Nichols’ self-titled podcast is the sweetest collection of conversations, essays, poems and quotes. She focuses on finding joy, gratitude and practicing courage and will leave you feeling calm and inspired. 

The Chasing Joy Podcast by Georgie Morley

Georgie Morley speaks candidly with guests about relationships, mental health, diet culture, wellness and most recently, unlearning racism with a weekly book recommendation. The Chasing Joy Podcast shares advice, other wellness creators and is a refreshing and energizing summer podcast!

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