Does Your Mood Change Along With The Seasons?

Does Your Mood Change Along With The Seasons?

It's not just you and is definitely a scientific thing: feeling your mood change as the nights get longer or shorter (depending on the season), being happier with chillier winds or hotter air, and finding yourself smile as neighbors pull out their pumpkin decor or bunny-themed flags. It's called "seasonal affect disorder" (SAD), however, unlike the acronym puts off, doesn't have to be an entirely depressing thing, despite many of the disorder's symptoms being negative (ie. depression, lack of interest, or difficulty sleeping). It's just how you choose to think about it; what is your perspective on your mood changing?

You don't have to call it SAD, but instead, could just be more mindful of the things you particularly dislike about the season and find the things that make you happy.

As Fall really begins to take over, maybe take a brief second to assess how ready you feel for the change in weather? Rather than being cranky with a slight drop in temperature, take the opportunity to dig into your closet and reminisce on all of your cute, Fall/Winter clothing!

It can also be hard when individuals around you seem to be overjoyed with the particular season, however, just like anything else in life, don't try and compare yourself to others. You might have a "favorite season" as well, but maybe it's just not the current season. You can still find joy in other people's happiness and most likely, they will do the same for you when you are feeling happy and blissful!

Whichever of the four seasons is your favorite, you can still choose to be as happy as you want! That's the most important thing and here at Port and Polish, we are all about individuals doing whatever makes them most happy and healthy. 

Let us know what your favorite season is in the comments below and what you do when it's not your favorite season!

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