Brighten Your Day With Color (or Mood Lights)

Brighten Your Day With Color (or Mood Lights)


What puts you in a good mood? The extra bit of foam in your oat milk latte? Or the sunset brightening your day on your way home from work? Believe it or not, but color could put you in a good mood. And different hues could put you in a better or worse one, too. 

In a study done by the University of Granada, blue hues are scientifically proven to help individuals relax faster than white shades. And in another study, red, yellow, and orange (otherwise known as warm colors) could signal danger or increase one’s appetite; hence, McDonald’s Red and Yellow branding!

But, how do you incorporate this knowledge into your daily life? 

These days, individuals have been sprucing LED lighted decor around their house. In an interview with Architectural Design (AD) and Kendall Jenner, the popstar mentioned how one of her favorite artworks included an LED signature by artist James Turrell, which changes colors on its own. 

Without going broke, however, as the wall-art is quite expensive, there are many ways to incorporate light in a much more reasonable way. 

For instance, on, you can find fun shapes and slogans highlighted by LED lights for under $20. A little pricier, but still reasonable could be Sky lights, which light up your wall with blue hues and bright stars!

Not everything has to be electric, however, as sprucing up your walls with artwork can also make a big difference. 

So, get out your Pinterest boards, friends! And start adding some color into your life!!

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