Tips Everyone Should Know Before Taking Vitamins

Posted by Paula Hong on

Should I be taking vitamins? And if so, Which vitamins should I take?

It’s a loaded question and one which you should most definitely ask your doctor. 

According to WebMD, taking vitamins and supplements can do wonders for your body, however, there's no question that you need to be taking the "right" vitamins and supplements in order to retrieve those benefits. So, here are some tips you should know before going out to your local pharmacy and splurging on different kinds of supplements:

Speak to your doctor or nutritionist

  • By far the most important step in your search for supplements. We see the words “consult your physician” often and no matter how serious they are, we tend to ignore them. Because, let's be real, what are the odds that you'll over-exert yourself on the elliptical? But, when it comes to things you put inside your body, it might be smart to consult that health official because let's face it, the body is a mysterious thing, and who knows what could set it off?

Find out which food categories you might be missing out on

  • Tracking one’s diet can be fairly tricky because most people do not eat the same exact thing meal after meal. One day, you might want eggs for breakfast and the next, a stack of pancakes. Thus, when you are constantly consuming different things, it can be hard to pinpoint exact things in your diet that might be causing you to feel lethargic or sleepy. And on the flip side, it might be hard for one to get an exact measurement of how much vitamins or minerals they have in any given day. However, a good rule of thumb is to apply the world general in this scenario. What is the general amount of Vitamin A or B that you consume in a general week? And in that general assumption, which vitamins do you generally miss out more on? Starting with these general summaries could help you find which categories of nutrients you might be missing. 

Be willing to listen to your body once you start consuming supplements

  • Lastly, something that is crucial throughout this entire journey is being open with one's body and making it a priority to listen to what it is trying to say. Because not everyone will react the same way to a certain vitamin or supplement. It is important to see how one's body reacts to a certain pill both to see if there are any negative affects, but also, positive ones. Who knows? Maybe the first bottle you pick at the store works magically for you, however, chances are it could not and one should be ready to be okay with that. 


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