What Your Houseplant Says About You

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You can't go wrong with adding a house plant. They're great for producing fresh, clean air and they add to your interior decor (unless, of course, you don't water it and it shrivels and dies). But, before you go out and get any kind of plant, here are some general things a plant can say about you. 


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According to one blogger who loves flowers, she says that the hydrangea is considered the flower of gratefulness. “If hydrangeas are your favorite flowers you value wisdom and like to try new things. However, you like to take control of your destiny with how you choose to respond to the winds of change in your life.”


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You prefer sticking to what you’re used to. You don’t steer away from the things you know you like. Why grab grape jelly at the store when you have been using strawberry jam for the past 10 years? If you always drink coffee black, what’s the reason for adding a bit of almond milk?

Monstera the “Swiss Cheese” plant:

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Pinterest is your middle name. You’ve done most every DIY project out there. You could very well start a YouTube channel within the next month. You’re practically a foodie. Oh, and you drink iced lattes with oat milk. 


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You don’t give yourself enough credit. You choose the succulent or cacti-life because you think you could kill a plant. With someone as worrisome and thoughtful as you, you couldn’t hurt a fly. 


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Daydreams are filled with sky blue skies and white puffy clouds. You long to visit Europe if only to try the amazing chocolate croissants or petite macarons. You were obsessed with Bridgerton. 

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