Well, hello Matcha!

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Well, hello Matcha!

Okay, okay. We know that the Matcha trend has been circulating for quite some time now. But, we (I) didn’t really know know just how precious and amazing the au naturale health supplement was.

But, having tried this Matcha powder from Amazon (in the form of both a hot and cold tea), I can now say that I love Matcha and all of its glory. 

To get the full benefits, I only add water to the mix, although, I’m sure I’ll eventually spruce things up with a squeeze of lemon juice or drop of organic honey.

Upon research, the benefits include increasing your antioxidant intake, which could lead to lowering your risk of various chronic illnesses and even preventing cell damage. This is because Matcha powder is known for its richness in catechins a.k.a natural antioxidants. 

Matcha could also help you concentrate more on the tasks at hand by increasing brain function. This might also be because of its caffeine-count. Similarly with coffee and other caffeinated products, such supplements have shown to help improve brain function in addition to showing faster reaction times and increased memory.

And, if you weren’t already sold on the idea enough, then it could also help lead to healthy weight loss. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said so! Mostly because of its ability to help stimulate the parts of your body (think, energy from caffeine), which helps you get moving!

So, in sum, I’ve officially become a fan of Matcha. But, as I’ve learned before, I shouldn’t jump into things (particularly new things) too soon. That’s how I usually get overwhelmed and bored (or sick) with something--obsessing over something too much, too soon. So, in order to not get sick from too (Match)-a intake, I’m definitely going to slowly incorporate the powerful substance into my diet and daily routines!

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