Essentials for an Extra Cozy Fall

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We may have started day-dreaming about fall in August, but now that it’s officially autumn and the weather is cooling down, Port and Polish is sharing our favorite fall wellness essentials to help you transition to shorter days and colder nights. 

Light Therapy Lamp 

Even if you have not been diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, the change in daylight in our already isolated day is enough to impact your mood. Studies show that light therapy can improve mood, energy levels and productivity during the fall and winter. 

The Perfect Fall Booties

Not-too-tall and ultra comfy, Madewell has nailed fall boots. Their Carina Boot is made of ultra soft leather and comes in black and the perfect fall saddle brown. We’re already such a fan of their denim, so we’ll be pairing these with a pair of vintage straight leg jeans and a wool sweater all season long. 

Cashmere Socks

Yes, cashmere socks. Why? Because you deserve them and your work from home outfit can be comfortable and luxurious! These from The White House have glowing reviews and made of ethically sourced 100% cashmere. 

Immune System and Mood Boosting Supplements 

With the change in daylight, temperature and season, immune health is even more important this year: Hum Nutrition’s Here Comes the Sun is a highly potent source of vitamin D3, to help build your body’s defenses for flu season. 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

Any weather under 60 degrees is hot chocolate weather to us, so Four Sigmatic’s adaptogen-powdered hot cocoa, blended with organic Reishi and cacao is the perfect way to unwind during a cozy fall night! 

Trader Joe’s Seasonal Candles 

If we could, all of Trader Joe’s fall items would be on this list (butternut squash mac and cheese would be at the top of course), but their seasonal candles are one of our favorite limited-edition items. With Vanilla Pumpkin and Harvest Apple, they are the perfect addition to your fall candle collection! Did we mention they’re only $3.99? 

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