3 Perfect Desserts To Try During Spring

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Okay, so before everyone goes into a crazy “I-need-a-summer-bod” diet, here are some Spring-y desserts to try before June 20th a.k.a the last official day of pollen-ridden Spring!

Breakfast dessert: Energy-packed breakfast muffins

If you’ve never heard of now New York Times desserts contributor and former Bon Appetit test kitchen star Claire Saffitz, then you’re in for a treat. Get it? Because this blog post is all about sweets? Ha! Okay, but seriously, Saffitz just released another dessert-cook-book called Dessert Person which puts her on Dessert-Queen level, after Great Britain’s Mary Berry and America’s Ina Garten. In this recipe video, she talks about how you can have dessert at breakfast and feel good about it, too. 

“Light” dessert for the mid-day: Masala Chai Latte 

Dessert doesn’t always have to be bready or creamy. Sometimes, the perfect drink can be a rewarding twist for your taste buds. Like this Masala Chai Latte recipe. (Pro tip: It’s not called a “Chai Tea” because “Chai” means tea in many languages already so you’d really be saying “tea tea”) Mixed with various spices and the right amount of sweeteners, this tea blend is the perfect mid-day reward. 

Post-dinner “I need a treat” dessert: A slice of Add A Pinch’s Strawberry Cake

After dinner, there’s nothing you (I) want more than dessert. My body has become accustomed to it and there really is no way around it. At this point, I can’t sleep without having had some kind of dessert even if it is a bite of an apple. Would you be able to sleep without flossing? No way! So, a little piece from this refreshing strawberry-filled cake might be exactly what you need before getting into bed!

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